Scaffold Tower - Monkey Tower


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Monkey Tower Ltd
North Wing
Ingatestone Hall
Essex, CM4 9NS
T: 01277 356172
F: 08709 126625


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Version: 2.1
(April 13, 2008)

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Made in Britain

Made in Britain Made in Britain for quality and reliability.

Site Access

Monkey Tower has a number of features that make it simple to get to site and to move around site. Monkey Tower - towing

Transport to Site

Monkey Tower comes with a built in trailer. The light weight (300kg) means that almost any towbar equipped car or van can tow the Monkey Tower. The light weight also means that trailer overrun braking is not required and therefore there are no brakes, brake-cables and brake mechanisms to maintain or to go wrong.

Monkey Tower - pulled along

Transport around Site

The light weight of Monkey Tower and built in roadwheels make the Monkey Tower simple for even a single person to manoeuver around site. Unlike many other pieces of access equipment, the ground type (mud, grass even gravel) are not a barrier to using the Monkey Tower.

By using the castors and the jockey wheel the Monkey Tower becomes highly manoeuvrable, handy for small movements or getting the Monkey Tower close to walls.

Monkey Tower - going through a door

Getting to Hard to Access Sites

With Monkey Tower's height of 1.9m and width of 1.13 m it easily fits through a double door. By sliding the wheels in the width can be reduced to 0.95m. By taking the leg-jacks off the width can be reduced even further to 0.7m (2'4") allowing it to pass through a standard single door.