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Made in Britain

Made in Britain

Made in Britain for quality
and reliability.

Environmentally Friendly

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Version: 4.0
(Oct, 2011)

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Some Customers:

Some of our customers

Low Environmental Impact Access Equipment

Monkey Tower aims to be as environmentally low impact as possible.

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Energy Zone Finalist

The environmental benefits of the Monkey Tower were recognised by the judges at the Energy Zone awards at the 2010 executive hire show sponsored by Speedy Hire where the Monkey Tower was a finalist.

The following principal features were highlighted:

+ Manually operated scaffolding system providing an alternative to powered access machines

+ Can be set up by one person in under five minutes to its maximum height of 6.5m

+ Trailer-mounted product can be moved to site by cars and small vehicles, minimising fuel consumption

+ 95% of its components are sourced in the UK.

Judges further commented that:

The Monkey Tower demonstrates how existing products should be reappraised in terms of their energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. With many construction sites now seeking to reduce the amount of machinery they use, in order to meet environmental obligations, the product offers a mechanical solution without reducing effectiveness or productivity. The fact that it uses no batteries means related disposal issues and costs are also eliminated.