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Over Desk Mini Version Available

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Made in Britain

Made in Britain

Made in Britain for quality
and reliability.

Environmentally Friendly

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Version: 4.0
(Oct, 2011)

Monkey Tower Unfolding Scaffolding


Some Customers:

Some of our customers

Trailer Mounted Scaffold Tower or Scissor Lift Alternative

An innovative unfolding scaffolding system; ideal for jobs that have traditionally been done by scaffold towers, cherry pickers, scissor lifts or ladders.

Easily and Quickly Erected

Monkey Tower can be put up by a single person within five minutes of arriving at site.

Unlike a scaffold tower the entire erection procedure is carried out at ground-level and with single piece construction there are no parts to lose. With the Monkey Tower is in position just:

(1) Set the stabiliser jacks.
(2) Pull ladder into position.
(3) Winch up the platform.
(4) Climb and get to work.
Monkey Tower latches at 0.25m intervals a maximum working height of 6.5m (21ft).

Lifts Tools and Equipment

Monkey Tower easily winds up to 75kg of tools up with the tower

Up to 75kg of tools and equipment can be placed in the platform of Monkey Tower. Then it is a simple case of winching the platform up, raising the equipment at the same time.

No more carrying tools precariously up a ladder or setting up hoists to raise equipment.

Reliable and Safe

Monkey Tower is human powered and unlike scissor lifts or cherry pickers has no batteries to go flat or replace and no electronics or hydraulics to maintain.

All safety barriers and handrails are permanently fixed in place.

All latches automatically lock into position.

Monkey Tower can be towed by any car or van

Monkey Tower is CE marked and has been designed and tested to BS EN 1004:2004.

Easily Road Towable

With a weight of just 380 kg and a built in trailer (including towbar, wheels, lights and even numberplate clips) Monkey Tower can be towed by any towbar equipped car or van.

Monkey Tower is a very safe and stable trailer that can be towed up to the legal limit. Unlike some cherry pickers it is not limited to a speed of 50 mph.

No waiting for deliveries or unloading from trailers or low-loaders.

Monkey Tower fits through a single door

Fits Through A Single Door

With Monkey Tower's height of 1.9m and width of 1.13 m it easily fits through a double door. By sliding the wheels in the width can be reduced to 0.82m. By sliding the leg-jacks off the width can be reduced even further to 0.7m (2'4") allowing it to pass through a domestic single door.

Monkey Tower bring moved by a single user

Easily Moved on Site

The light weight (380 kg) of Monkey Tower and built in roadwheels make the Monkey Tower simple for even a single person to manoeuver around site.

Unlike many other pieces of access equipment, the ground type (mud, grass or even gravel) is not a barrier to using the Monkey Tower.