Scaffold Tower - Monkey Tower


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Monkey Tower Ltd
North Wing
Ingatestone Hall
Essex, CM4 9NS
T: 01277 356172
F: 08709 126625


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Version: 2.1
(April 13, 2008)

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Made in Britain

Made in Britain Made in Britain for quality and reliability.

Monkey Tower Erection Procedure

Monkey Tower - legs slid out

(1) - Slide legs out and lock into position with detent pin.

(2) - Wind jacks down until roadwheels are clear of the ground and bubbles are level.

Monkey Tower - winding jacks
Monkey Tower - pulling ladder

(3) - Pull ladder into position, ladder locks automatically engage.

(4) - Check that all runglock cables have been released.

Monkey Tower - Releasing runglocks
Monkey Tower - Raising Platform

(5) - Wind winch to raise platform until it is clear of the base.

(6) - Make sure brace-locks have been flipped over.

Monkey Tower - bracelocks
Monkey Tower - Raising Platform

(7) - Continue winding winch until platform is just above the desired height then lower until the platform will not lower any more. Check that both sets of runglocks and bracelocks have engaged.

(8) - Climb ladder, enter platform through trapdoor and get to work!

Monkey Tower - Raising Platform

Monkey Tower Lowering Procedure

Lowering the Monkey Tower is essentially the reverse of the erection procedure. Detailed instructions to come here soon.