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Monkey Tower Ltd
North Wing
Ingatestone Hall
Essex, CM4 9NS
T: 01277 356172
F: 08709 126625


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Version: 2.1
(April 13, 2008)

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Made in Britain

Made in Britain Made in Britain for quality and reliability.

Monkey Tower - A Scaffolding Tower Ready in 5 minutes

Monkey Tower at 6.5m working height, allowing two users to be up and fixing guttering in 5 minutes Aluminium Scaffold Towers are commonly use for working at height and provide a solid platform If you are regularly using Scaffold Towers, Monkey Tower may be the product for you.

Monkey Tower Saves Time and Money

- Do you find that you or your workers are actually spending most of your time erecting and dismantling scaffold towers rather than doing the work that earns you the money?

- Do you have to send two people out to erect a scaffold tower for a simple one man job?

+ Monkey Tower can be set up by a single person within five minutes of arriving at site.

Complete Unit in a Single Piece

- Have you ever had an aluminium scaffold tower delivered only to find that one of the vital parts is missing?

- Have you been charged for missing parts?

- Do you have random bits of a number of different scaffold towers lying around?

+ Monkey Tower comes as a single piece unit with no parts that can be lost.

Monkey Tower Erected Safely and Easily

- Are you having to get PASMA trained to use scaffold towers?

- Are you having to follow the laborious through the trapdoor method of erecting scaffold towers?

- Are you working off a tower with no guardrails?

+ Monkey Tower is erected entirely from ground level with all safety checks done before it is climbed.

+ Competent person training is all that is required in order to use Monkey Tower.