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Made in Britain

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A list of frequently asked questions about Monkey Towers and answers can be found below. If you have any other questions that aren't answered below please feel free to contact us on 01277 356172 or

What is the maximum working height of a Monkey Tower?

The maximum working height of a Monkey Tower is 6.5m (21ft). It should be noted that this height is the maximum height that can be reached from a Monkey Tower (2m above the platform height of 4.5m).

Can the Monkey Tower be set up at different heights?

The Monkey Tower latches into place at 25cm intervals (every rung of the ladder) up to the maximum height.

I have a narrow space to work in, what is the minimum width a Monkey Tower can be used in?

The Monkey Tower has a minimum width for access to site of 700mm. It can be used in a minimum width of 920mm (to a maximum working height of 5m - platform height 3m). For full height a minimum width of 1.2m is required.

Can a Monkey Tower be used close up against a wall?

Yes, up against a solid wall the legs can be used in the inner position - allowing work right next to a wall.

Are there any other versions of the Monkey Tower available?

There is currently only one version of a Monkey Tower available - but please feel freer to contact us if you have any special requirements and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

Do I need a PASMA or IPAF ticket to use a Monkey Tower?

No PASMA or IPAF tickets are required to use a Monkey Tower. However, like any piece of work equipment users have to be competent in the use of the machinery. Monkey Tower Ltd can provide competency training if required.

Is the Monkey Tower safe to use?

Monkey Tower is designed and tested to the British Standard BS EN1004 2004, the standard for mobile scaffold towers. Under this standard it qualifies as a Class 1 tower (the highest load case).

Numerous health and safety inspections and insurance companies have looked over Monkey Towers. For example, approval for usage on London Underground has been given.

Does the Monkey Tower need to be inspected / maintained?

A yearly LOLER thorough inspection is required on a Monkey Tower. The maintenance requirements are very low - a full maintenance manual can be acquired from Monkey Tower, please contact the sales team.

Can a Monkey Tower be used on rough ground?

The large wheels and low weight of a Monkey Tower enable it to be moved over rough ground.

The adjustable legs on the Monkey Tower enable it to be used on rough ground and sloping surfaces.

I would like to distribute Monkey Towers?

We are interested in finding new Monkey Tower distributors - please get in touch with us to discuss.

Is everything I need included in the price of a Monkey Tower?

Everything that you require is included in the Monkey Tower including all towing gear. We do however produce optional extras such as spare wheels, weatherproof covers, locks and jacking pads. Please contact us for an up to date list.

What can I do to prevent people stealing a Monkey Tower?

We can supply various types of hitch lock, winch locks and hitch posts. Also it is a very simple job to remove the road wheels and axles, making towing the Monkey Tower very difficult. However, we recommended that you contact your insurer to confirm that any precautions taken are sufficient.